For Employers – How it works

For Employers, how it works guide.

Here is the step-by-step guide for whole hiring process for employers and how it works using this website.

Employers first need to register (for free) to create their account so that they can submit a new job to hire a candidate or can view the complete profile of a candidate. For all this process, follow the below steps:

Register as Employer Account

To Register as Employer click on the Login/Register button on the top as shown in the below image:

Click on the login/register button.

The Login/Register page will open. Here you need to click on the Employer button, then specify your email address, password and select the terms and conditions checkbox and then click on the Register Now button as shown in the below image:

Employer Registration page.

Create Employer Profile

After registration, you may be asked to login using your credentials you just created. So click on the login button again and enter your email id and password at the left section and then click on the Login button. You will be redirected to your profile page as shown below:

Here the employer can create their complete profile so that when they will publish a job it will give more details to the candidate about the company. You can even submit a job without completing your profile but in this case it will show minimal information to the candidate about your company.

Submit a Job

After completing your profile you are ready to submit a job. To do this, click on the Submit a Job button and you can fill the job details on the below page:

Review Job Post

After filling the job, click on the Save & Preview button and on the next page you can review your job post. If it is ok then click on the Submit Post or if it requires editing, click on the Edit post button as shown in the below image:

Review job post.

Your Job Post is Published

After submitting the job, your posted job will look something like this below:

Job post live.

View Your Posted Jobs

Then you can see your posted jobs in the My Jobs section as shown in the below image:

My jobs page.

As you can see in the above image, there are a lot of options for an employer to view Applicant Jobs, Shortlisted Candidates, Candidate Alerts, Messages, Change Password and Dashboard. With these options, you can manage your job posting requirements easily and it is totally free.

Employer Dashboard

Below is the screenshot of the dashboard:

I hope this post is helpful for you to start your hiring process. In case of any issues or feedback you can comment below. Happy Hiring!

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